About us


We were born in July 2016 as a startup of the New Economy. Our ecosystems flee from the commonplace and inspire a new way of life, where work connects fluidly with activities of balance and decompression. For small and large companies, or simply for all kinds of people. We believe in the exchange of experiences and the continuous process of innovation and expansion of consciousness.

“We don’t work, we love what we do.”

(BRAIN is a company of the B4i Group)


Our Manifesto

Eu não trabalho
Yo no trabajo
私は動作しません。( watashi wado sashi masem )
We don’t work

This is our message
Our revolution
The only need

Right here, right now
We live
We co-live
We share
We create
We laugh

We share resources
We exchange knowledge
We spread energy
Now we are an ecosystem
We are efficient

We don’t work
We love what we do

Our Team

A great team, with more than 40 people inspired and connected for a greater purpose. "We are aware of the world around us, share ideas, create solutions and value all kinds of experience."